Mark Haslam, DriverTech's CEO, provides insight into ways which in-cab technology advances are making their presence felt.

Driving Communications Costs Down

By leveraging DriverTech's TruckPC™ system, you will increase your customer satisfaction, improve your team's performance, and dramatically boost your business profitability through efficient asset and fleet utilization.
"The DriverTech system provides our drivers with PC capabilities including the ability to scan documents, e-mail, watch movies, search the Internet, complete online safety training, communicate with management in what are now considered 'dead' zones and utilize highly proficient street-level mapping."
George Payne
Executive Vice President
Interstate Distributor Co.

Mobile Communications with Choice

At DriverTech, we believe the customer should have choices. By creating the industry's only Microsoft® Windows XP™ Embedded secure, onboard computer with three modes of communications, our customers are offered more choices than any other onboard system available in the marketplace today. Whether it's selecting your own cellular provider, onboard navigation product or utilizing in-cab scanning, the choice is yours.

DriverTech offers the transportation industry's most-powerful onboard computing system with a robust Windows XP Embedded platform that allows for a wide range of application choices including integrated in-vehicle scanning, electronic logs and video-based training. With this tri-mode system, DriverTech provides the most cost-effective, bandwidth appropriate, content delivery system in the industry today.

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