About DriverTech

DriverTech is driving on-board intelligence with a comprehensive fleet management system supporting a wide range of services and state-of-the-art applications for the transportation industry. The DriverTech system provides access to key information that improves driver quality of life and trucking efficiency metrics. Because the DT4000™ is open-architecture, it allows for a wide range of application choices including in-vehicle document scanning, integrated navigation, electronic driver logs and video-based driver training using the DT4000™ integrated library function..

Mobile communications is more than a short messaging service, GPS and a couple of applications. It’s about integration – bringing the driver, the truck, the fleet and the customer together. It’s about providing a platform that offers the power and flexibility to leverage the unforeseen future while capitalizing on the most cost effective and advanced technology. DriverTech offers the transportation industry’s most powerful fleet mobile communication system at the lowest cost.

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Company Snapshot

Founded in 1995, DriverTech is a leading supplier of mobile computer solutions to the commercial trucking industry. DriverTech is privately held. It designs and manufactures its products at its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our Products

DriverTech’s advanced DT4000™, DTScan™ and FLEETWATCHER™ products have been deployed by hundreds of trucking and EMS companies and are in use today across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Least-Cost Approach

DriverTech’s unique tri-mode wireless communications system utilizes a “least-cost” approach to connectivity, allowing our customers to reduce their monthly connection fees while remaining in constant contact with their drivers and trucks in the field.