Mark Haslam, DriverTech's CEO, provides insight into ways which in-cab technology advances are making their presence felt.

Commercial Trucking Solutions


Because the TruckPC™ is a Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 system, its open-architecture allows for a wide range of application choices including in-vehicle document scanning, integrated navigation, electronic driver logs and video-based driver training.

Mobile communications is more than a short messaging service, GPS and a couple of applications. It's about integration - bringing the driver, the truck, the fleet and the customer together. It's about providing a platform that offers the power and flexibility to leverage the unforeseen future while capitalizing on the most cost effective and advanced technology.

DriverTech offers the transportation industry's most powerful onboard computing system with a robust Windows XP Embedded platform that allows for a wide range of application choices including integrated in-vehicle scanning, electronic logs and video-based driver training. With this tri-mode system, DriverTech provides the most cost-effective, bandwidth appropriate, content delivery system in the industry today.

"It's no longer a question of whether to invest in on-board communications and tracking systems, the question is how to reduce your monthly communications bill because that's where real savings are found."

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