Mark Haslam, DriverTech's CEO, provides insight into ways which in-cab technology advances are making their presence felt.

From reductions in accidents to back-office efficiency gains, Mark discusses reasons carriers are making the move to electronic driver logs.

Mark Haslam discusses the advantages and benefits of in-cab driver training.

EnRoute911 and DriverTech

EnRoute911 and DriverTech have partnered to deliver a robust EMS system.


The DriverTech EMS-PC running EnRoute Mobile software work together with EnRoute CAD as well as other CAD systems to ensure response personnel have critical time-sensitive information. Field personnel can receive incident information, update status, download images and view maps - all from the DriverTech EMS-PC via silent dispatch.

EnRoute Mobile provides CAD functionality, including access to incident information, updated situation notes, and the ability to update incident and unti status. It pays special attention to sense of operation, and operations are single-hand keyboard accessible or can take advantage of the DriverTech EMD-PC navigation buttons around the outside of the display. Each function key is programmed to a specific task.

Grpahical display forms, status keys, inquiry forms and shortcut keys are site-specific. Built-in security allows administrators full control of system capabilities. Caution flag buttons provide information such as caution notes, emergency contact information, approach instructions and special equipment requirements.

picture inside ambulance

Key Features

  • Messaging - field unit to field unit, field unit to CAD or DAC to field unit
  • Message queue management with the ability to save to message folders
  • Easy-to-read HTML message format
  • Integrated GIS, AVL and routing options
  • Day and night color schemes
  • Built-in security
  • High and low resolution modes
  • Big button screen
  • Emergency message key
  • Restricted Internet browser for web-based hospital divert
  • Touch screen and external keys around display for easy navigation
  • Customized wave-file for incoming messages
  • Field-initiated incidents
  • Automated field unit software updates
picture of EnRoute software running on EMS-PC

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies and accelerates response to emergency or time-critical situations
  • Enhances safety with access to diagrams of major facilities that show the location of hazmat materials, building navigation infromation, etc. that could make the difference in the response outcome
  • Reduces the dependency on dispatch by enabling field offices to perform status changes and obtain incident information
  • Enables silent dispatch to decrease radio traffic from the dispatch center
  • Provides visual representation of all units to entrance the strategic awareness and placement of resources
  • Improves communication by reducing verbal dispatch errors.
picture of EnRoute software running on EMS-PC
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