Mark Haslam, DriverTech's CEO, provides insight into ways which in-cab technology advances are making their presence felt.

From reductions in accidents to back-office efficiency gains, Mark discusses reasons carriers are making the move to electronic driver logs.

Mark Haslam discusses the advantages and benefits of in-cab driver training.

Zoll Data Systems and DriverTech

ZollData Systems and DriverTech have partnered to deliver a robust EMS system.

Zoll Data Systems

DriverTech's EMS-PC running RescueNet® Nomad software offers a rugged, reliable and real-time onboard electronic data communication system enabling your dispatch center and crew to communicate accurately in real time. With rescueNet Nomad, you'll benefit from:
  • Your teams achieving new levels of performance
  • Improved customer service capabilities
  • Reduced "out-of-chute" times
  • Data integrity preservation
The mapping feature displays a detailed, interactive street map of your dispatch region. Your dispatch center can view the current location of all vehicles, which can mean much faster response times. No more garbled radio messages, misunderstood addresses or risky exposure of confidential information. DriverTech's wireless solution means clear, secure dispatch information is available in real time to your crews.

Maximize Productivity

Increase dispatcher productivity by automating time stamping and other dispatch-related tasks. Decrease radio traffic by transmitting trip-related information via secure data transfer. Reduce response times by using GPS so your dispatchers always know the location of the closest unit. And minimize the chance that your crews may get lost through the use of in-vehicle mapping.

Direct, instant, accurate data communications eliminates confusion and delays. The ability to stack multiple calls on units enables advance scheduling. You can greately improve SSM with real-time vehicle status and position updates. Multiple calls can be run simultaneously when transporting additional patients. The in-vehicle map displays position and destination locations and when a vehicle approaches it's destination, the amp moves to - and zooms in on - that position. An emergency button enables crews to send a distress call to dispatch if necessary. You can easily configure vehicle polling based on speed and distance traveled, and supervisors receive email alerts when vehicles exceed preset speed limits.

When a dispatcher assigns a trip to a vehcile, the information is transmitted from RescueNet Dispatch to the ambulance via the Internet. The ambulance is equipped with the Nomad-certified DriverTech EMS-PC mobile computer system and receives the data from RescueNet Dispatch via a wireless data modem.

Increased Efficiencies for Crews, Dispatchers and Supervisors

Dispatchers can make better decisions based on real-time status, location and progress updates. The talk time and number of calls between dispatchers and the field will be reduced.

Make your crews an extension of the updates and search for existing customer, or they can take advantage of interactive in-vehicle mapping to assist in reaching their destination.

Supervisors can see the status and location details for all vehicles and they can easily call up unit history for the five most recent calls. They can also view all unit locations and destinations on the map.

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