Mark Haslam, DriverTech's CEO, provides insight into ways which in-cab technology advances are making their presence felt.

Markets and Industries

Learn about the various markets and industries that DriverTech's products are used in.
"For sometime we have been looking for enhanced computing and communication capability in our specialized fleet operations; the DriverTech system gives us what we have searched for - a non-proprietary system that lets us significantly reduce our traditional airtime expenses while increasing functionality in the truck."
Rollie Anderson
Anderson Trucking Service

Truckload Market

DriverTech has been serving the Truckload market for more than two decades. We offer advanced mobile computer technology, a wide array of software applications designed for Truckload operations, and customer access to real-time fleet data through online portals and customized integrations with their enterprise systems.

DriverTech was the first to offer "tri-mode" communications technology, which allows real-time communications between the driver and fleet operations to be routed through the least-expensive channel available.

Emergency Medical Services Market

DriverTech has built strong alliances with partners in the EMS space which allow us to offer a completely integrated solution to our customers. DriverTech's fixed-mounted systems provide our customers the capability to deploy world-class "first-responder" technology within their organization. Through Drivertech's total system solution, costs and lives are saved.

Military Market

DriverTech's presence in the military market dates back to the company's inception. DriverTech's expertise in developing ruggedized mobile computer technology has strategically positioned the company for opportunities in a variety of military programs. This provides added benefits to the other vertical markets we serve, as we leverage ruggedized technology in other products.

Private Fleet Market

DriverTech has a long history of serving private fleets, including the food service and delivery markets. DriverTech has been a leader in developing and deploying new technologies to serve our customers in these areas and they benefit from innovative applications and leading-edge technologies.
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