Mark Haslam, DriverTech's CEO, provides insight into ways which in-cab technology advances are making their presence felt.

DriverTech's DT-3000A

DriverTech's ruggedized Vehicle Computer System (VCS) meets stringent military specifications and brings the power of an advanced Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 mobile computer system to the combat theater.


DriverTech's DT-3000A ruggedized Vehicle Computer System (VCS) is a fully-qualified military truck computer capable of handling the rigors of today's modern battlefield while providing expandable processing and interface capabilities for support of future combat systems.


  • Fully-qualified military truck computer
  • Ruggedized mobile computer system meets military specifications
  • Advanced Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 operating system
  • Support for night-vision and thermal imaging systems
  • Tri-mode communications system utilizes Wi-Fi, Cellular and Satellite technologies
  • HERO and DTTS certified

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