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Welcome To DriverTech

DriverTech is driving on-board intelligence with a comprehensive fleet management system supporting a range of services and state-of-the-art applications for the transportation industry. The DriverTech system provides access to key information that improves driver quality of life and trucking efficiency metrics.

Mobile Communications with Choice

DriverTech offers the transportation industry's most-powerful onboard computing system with a robust Windows platform that allows for a wide range of application choices including integrated in-vehicle scanning, electronic logs and video-based training. With this tri-mode system, DriverTech provides the most cost-effective, bandwidth appropriate, content delivery system in the industry today.


Cummins Connected Diagnostics™ is available with DriverTech DT4000™

Optimized Engine Maintenance And Repair With Immediate Information And Expert Guidance

SALT LAKE CITY - DriverTech® – provider of state-of-the-art applications for the transportation industry that improve driver quality of life and trucking efficiency – and Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI), the leading independent manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines, controls, and emission solutions – announced today that the Cummins Connected Diagnostics™ application is now available to customers using DT4000™ from DriverTech, the transportation industry's most powerful and cost-effective on-board computing system.

Connected Diagnostics enhances the DriverTech capability for customers with Cummins power by leveraging data from the DT4000 system to deliver immediate notification of urgent engine system faults to fleet customers, and provides actionable information with genuine Cummins recommendations in an easy-to-understand notification report. The powerful DT4000 system, together with Connected Diagnostics, provides reduced shop time, increased asset utilization and improved overall efficiency of Cummins diesel and natural gas-powered equipment.

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DriverTech announces support for Hierarchical Reporting Groups

DriverTech announces a new release of software for the TruckPC ELD and FleetWatcher (fleet management portal). The new release introduces Hierarchical Reporting Groups which enables fleets to organize their divisions into companies with terminals that have vehicles and drivers assigned. The Hierarchical Reporting features gives only the appropriate access to managers to control the assets in the realm of their responsibility.

ALK’s CoPilot and RouteSync available on DriverTech ELDs

DriverTech announces integration with ALK’s CoPilot truck navigation software. The interface includes a linkage with RouteSync, a complementary backend tool to CoPilot. With RouteSync, routes are planned by the fleet back office and then automatically transmitted to the truck where they are delivered to the CoPilot navigation engine. This capability helps drivers to adhere to the planned route, reduces out of route miles and assists with comparing actual vs planned miles.

Media Library for the TruckPC ELD

DriverTech announces availability of a media library for the TruckPC ELD. The media library can be configured to update automatically from a specific FTP site. Upload media content to your FTP site and your fleet is automatically updated each time the library application detects that content has been changed on the FTP site.

Integrated Secure Internet Browser

DriverTech ELD software now integrates secure browser technology to protect your mobile comm investment as well as the driver. The web browser can be pre-configured to link to web sites that provide value for the driver. Web sites can be checked to ensure they are compatible with the ELD display size which prevents the driver from having to scroll for access to certain data or submit buttons. Instead of having to type into the URL address bar, web sites are quickly selected from a pull down menu.

Deceleration analytics for driver coaching

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DriverTech complements deceleration analysis with detailed graphical view that includes the necessary elements for driver coaching. Capability to export all second by second details to PDF or Excel is also provided.

Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports(DVIR)

DriverTech announces availability of support for entry of Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports(DVIR) on DriverTech ELDs such as the DriverTech TruckPC. The DVIR capability includes customization to identify location of defect and the characterization of the defect. After the DVIR is submitted by the driver it can be managed, viewed and edited in the DriverTech portal (FleetWatcher) and eventually returned to the driver for acceptance of the repair.

ELD compliance with new FMCSA rules to go into effect July 2013

DriverTech announces availability of software release for the TruckPC ELD to comply with the new rules set forth by the FMCSA. The new software also includes support for additional HOS operational exemptions including: Oil/Natural gas, Utility service, Construction Material and Equipment and Ground Water drilling.

WORKFLOW seamlessly integrates with messaging interface

DriverTech workflow seamlessly integrates with the messaging interface for the driver. Instead of having to communicate multiple form messages (macros) to the truck, the workflow capability encapsulates everything the driver has to do to complete a work assignment. DriverTech workflow presents a framework that combines work assignments, jobs and tasks in a structure that can be customized for all types of fleets. Moreover, DriverTech workflow is integrated with many 3rd Party TMS software vendors.

Rand McNally and DriverTech Announce Major Partnership

New TruckPC marries Rand McNally's award-winning truck navigation with DriverTech's unparalleled fleet management technology.
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