DT Video

Driver’s Seat Visibility into On-the-Road Events 

Expand the power of the DT platform and gain true visibility into on-the-road incidents with DT Video. Continuous recording shows you what your driver sees and transmits high-res, on-demand video to your Fleet Watcher portal. Proactively improve driver behavior, reconstruct accidents, and exonerate your drivers when they are not at fault. 

DT Video Product Specs

Powerful DVR
Event-activated video capture
Increase Safety
Alert Dispatch in Real-Time
Video Playback
Access Video 24/7 on FleetWatcher

Enable a 360º View of Your Fleet

Single In-Cab Platform

Enable a single, streamlined platform for fleet compliance, communications, and safety. Simplify installation with our customer service support and onboarding to achieve a fast ROI.

Notifications & Security

Real-time notifications alert you when incidents occur. Access event details through the secure FleetWatcher web portal, control user access, and download footage for your records.

Second to Second Data

Understand what is happening on the road when there is a rapid braking event with detailed deceleration metrics. Export reports for sharing with insurance companies, courts, and more.

See what really happened on the road.

When critical events occur, video recording is automatically triggered. With on-demand video event playback in FleetWatcher, you can recreate incidents and see what happened on the road. Interpretation is easy with clear, high-resolution video playback.

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