Fleet Watcher

Fleet-Wide Activity & Performance Insights 

FleetWatcher is a cloud-based analytics information management platform that drives action from insights of your fleet’s performance. 

With interactive maps, dashboards, and real-time alerts, FleetWatcher provides critical tools needed to manage regulatory compliance, reduce operational costs, increase driver productivity, and improve fleet-wide visibility. 

Stay Connected with Optimized Data Management

Compliance Management

View and manage HOS, DVIR, and IFTA reports including a rapid visual of hours utilization using HOS total to accelerate dispatching and fleet management.

Mapping & Geofencing

View live vehicle location, replay routes, or manage location-based alerts. Geofence alerts include configurable entry/exit and detention alerts per location with extensive Geofence Event data reports.

Critical Event Alerts

Analyze on-the-road incidents with second-by-second vehicle sensor details of the incident when DT Video is installed.

Vehicle Performance

Analyze fuel use, MPG, mileage, speeding, engine load, and vehicle diagnostics with connected maintenance.

DT Web Services

Advanced integration capabilities with off-the-shelf or homegrown TMS, fuel, tax, or safety applications. Access detailed reporting services that transfer data into your data management system or business intelligence application.

Fleet Communications

Communicate with drivers to issue load information or send route details.

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