DriverTech Re-enters Direct Sales Market for Mobile Communications and Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) Announces Sales Leadership

SALT LAKE CITY – December 9, 2016 – DriverTech today announced that it will be re-entering the direct sales market for mobile communications with its DT4000 mobile device and FleetWatcher™ fleet management system. DriverTech has spent the last six years powering one of the industry’s most widely used mobile communications products. Over 500 fleets use DriverTech’s software and rely on DriverTech’s Tier 1 Network Operating Center (NOC) to keep their trucks in communications with fleet managers.

DriverTech also announced the addition of industry veteran Steve Sanderson to its team as the National Director of Sales. “Steve is known by fleets across the industry as a trusted advisor based on his many years at Teletrac, Rand McNally, Lytx, and SmartDrive. We look forward to his sales leadership and deep knowledge of the industry,” said Mark Haslam, President and CEO of DriverTech.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of DriverTech. Their customers love the technology and hands-on approach to service. I’m really looking forward to showcasing the amazing advancements they’ve made to their DT4000 in-cab device, FleetWatcher portal, and ecosystem of third-party integrations,” said Steve Sanderson.

DriverTech has decades of experience in mobile communications, beginning in 1995 providing robust, rugged mobile communications devices to the U.S. military. DriverTech’s mobile communications products have already been selected for installation at industry-leading trucking companies including Roehl Transport, which recently deployed thousands of units fleet-wide after a year-long trial period running in tandem with a competitor’s device.

“This is a critical decision for any transportation company and we spent a significant amount of time reviewing technology partners. Throughout our extended relationship with DriverTech, they have proven their dedication to advancing their technology and reliability standards while maintaining the agility and flexibility we feel is an essential characteristic for any Roehl technology partner. DriverTech is now the standard platform across our entire fleet,” said John Paape, Vice President of Technology and CIO of Roehl Transport.

DriverTech has made multiple recent additions to its software including:

  • WorkFlow integrations with leading transportation management software providers
  • Fleet-managed Truck Safe Navigation
  • Rollover stability system event detection with critical event reporting
  • Navistar OnCommand™ and Cummins Connected Diagnostics™

“I’m really proud of the product and team we’ve built. In over 25 years of business, we’ve never had an unplanned system outage, have withstood countless Department of Transportation (DOT) hours of service audits, and have reliably logged hundreds of millions of miles,” said Haslam. “With the ELD mandate being implemented this year, we hope fleets will take a new look at us.”

About DriverTech

Founded in 1995, DriverTech is a leading supplier of mobile, vehicle-mounted computer solutions. DriverTech’s advanced DT4000, EMS-PC™, DTScan™, and FleetWatcher™ products have been deployed by approximately 1000 trucking, EMS, and other commercial fleets and are in use today across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. DriverTech’s unique wireless communications system utilizes a “least-cost” approach to connectivity, allowing our customers to reduce their monthly connection fees while remaining in constant contact with their drivers and trucks in the field. DriverTech is privately held. It designs and manufactures its products at its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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